Indonesia offers stunning beaches, jungle, volcanoes, crystal waters, rich marine life, numerous cultural attractions and its own highly regarded cuisine. Here at Original Diving we have been lucky enough to travel widely throughout the islands visiting the latest hotels, and checking out the very best dive spots. All in the name of research, naturally.

When it comes to Indonesia diving, there aren’t many places on Earth that offer the variety and quality. You could visit time and time again and never get bored. Whether you choose to hunt for the Giant Mola Mola (sunfish) in the waters around Bali, to explore the strong currents and unchartered waters of Raja Ampat or Komodo on a luxury liveaboard, or to experience stunning marine biodiversity in Sulawesi, there is a huge amount on offer. Add to this incredible hotels and service and excellent value for money and it isn’t hard to see why Indonesia is one of our favourites.

The message is simple: just go.