East Indonesian culture newly discovered!
The archipelago of Alor includes 6 islands with Pantar and Alor being the biggies. There are more than 60 impressive and mostly untouched dive sites around Alor. Most of these lie in the nutrient-rich Pantar Straits between Alor and Pantar.


During your dives along this exciting new route you can expect to see incredible underwater biodiversity. In addition, nutrient rich upwelling waters bring in pelagics: Sunfish (mola-mola), thresher sharks, hammerhead sharks, humpback whales, and even marlin and sailfish. Further, the many protected pristine reefs provide a perfect home for smaller colorful creatures and up to 1,000 species of coral reef fishes and 500 species of corals. Walls, bommies and patch reef formations make for dramatic 3D underwater topography while black sand areas provide perfect habitat for muck diving and cryptic critters.

Cruise itinerary
It is very important to the Mantamae to offer the best possible itinerary for their guests. Planning the route includes taking in account many different factors, most important the weather. Since storms can be encountered in the tropics even during the best travel time of the year, the Mantamae takes the right to alter the cruise itinerary on short notice if necessary.

You will board the ship after the
Pick up at the airport of Maumere from our English, French, Spanish and Italian speaking crew member.
on the big island of Flores in Eastern Indonesia.
Day 1 Maumere

You will start and finish this cruise in Maumere (on the island of Flores). Mantamae is the best choice in this sleepy Indonesian fishing port that teems with cryptic odd-balls including frogfishes, Ambon Scorpionfishes, leaf-fishes, mercurial schools of venomous catfishes, mandarinfishes, seahorses, giant pen shells in black coral hedges under the town pier, bunches of purple tunicates, harlequin shrimps and so on. This is an awesome place for you to film cool critters. And here you can fill up the final bits of digital memory in your reserve and you can create memories that will fuel your imagination for years. after the whole activities in port of maumere Manta Mae will move during the night to Pomana island for 14 nautacal miles.

Day 2 Pomana island

all kind of water sport activities is highly recomended here, and in the afternoon or late evening you can relax in long streched white sandy beach before long night cruise to the volcanic island or Komba Island for 13 hour of night navigation

Day 3 Komba island

this will be your unforgetable experience after diving or kayaking around the coast line of komba island you will watching the crater of komba island spill the lava. and after that Manta Mae will continue the trip to Pura island, Ternate island and kalabahi bay for about 55 nautical miles while you sleeping.

Day 4 & 5 Ternate island, Pura island and Kalabahi bay

Buaya, Ternate & Pura
These small islands are situated in the Pantar Strait between Alor and Pantar. The water here at some dive spots like “The Bullet” or “Sharks Gallore” can get really cool (70-72F). We highly recommended that our divers use a 5-7mm wetsuit here and for some, a hoody provides welcome warmth. But with the cool waters comes the liklihood of pelagics and riotous marine-life richness.
There are also a couple of beautiful critter spots with mating mandarinfish, cryptic crawling Ambon scorpion fish, pensive Pegasus sea moths, secretive seahorses and unusual crustaceans. One of the highlights of these dives are the bamboo shark sitings, a species found very few other places in the world. Above water you can see whales and dolphins and with a little luck you can spot pilot whales and whalesharks. as usual the boat will sail the night for 5 hour to get to Pantar island and Marissa

Day 6 Pantar and Marissa

Around these small islands you should also keep your eyes open for octopus. Moving along the seabed move “close and slow” as you scan for mimic octopus, wonderpus, and the blue-ringed octopus. Also look for various scorpionfish species including Rhinopius. Then look for flying gurnards sneaking around the black sand landscape. Nestled in small sea fans, hydroids or crinoids you can spot ghostpipefish, skeleton shrimps, decorator crabs, commensal shrimps and angling frogfish. The black sand provides welcome contrast for the vivid colors of the otherwise cryptic critters and it guarantees images that “pop”!

Day 7 Solor / kawula island

In Solor you may get the chance to visit the small village “Lamalera”, which is located in a little bay close to an old volcano. It is the extremely unusual and traditional way of sustenance hunting that brings us to this village.
Lamalera may be the only place in the world where the locals go whale hunting using traditional methods. The methods are ancient and are passed on from generation to generation. The villagers sail out to the sea in their wooden dug-outs and hunt for sperm whales with simple bamboo spears. Occasionally they are successful, and when this rare event occurs the meat is shared throughout the village providing the rare necessity of protein for these people.

Kawula offers the perfect habitat for muck critters. The visibility may be limited to 25ft, but these sites are meccas for frogfish, seahorses, rare scorpionfish, pipefish, and commensal crustaceans. after the whole activities on those beautiful island manta mae will sai to adonara island for tree hours for the night anchorage

We would like to advise our guests, that the visit of the village depends on the villagers. Should the visit not be possible, an alternative program will be offered. The whale hunting is part of the local tradition and has nothing to do with commercial fishing. The visit is optional and every guest has the choice to do an alternative program.

Day 8 Adonara

Many colorful species of corals and textured sponges adorn these lovely reefs. The 3-D structure forms rich habitat for a diverse fauna of coral reef species. Adonara sites are also notable places to see and film pygmy seahorses clinging to the gorgonian sea fans whose polyps and coloration the pygmies have evolved to match perfectly. You will also see schools of snappers, sweet lips and giant trevallies along the drop-offs. Keep an eye out for sea turtles, manta rays, reef sharks and other pelagics as you approach. and manta mae will continue to the next stop for 5 hours night navigation

Day 9 Tanjung Kopondai / Tanjung watu payung

Tanjung kopondai is cape of the main island of flores located on north east of the tip of the island the diving here is very different with the other dive site around the area you will see some of the pelagic actions and relax between the dive on the beach. from this place the boat will steam to Babi island for 3 hours and manta mae will look for save anchorage around hading bay, to get to the next island manta mae will sai around 5 hours

Day 10 Pangabatang island and Wodong bay

We will suggest you to dive in wodong bay fishing ship wreck for your last dive on the trip, yes you can walk on the beach or water ski or jetsking before the night time fall and manta mae will enter the Maumere port on next early morning. from this island our boat will sail for tree hours

Day 11 Maumere