Day 1
Pick up at the airport of Sorong from our English, French, Spanish and Italian speaking crew member. Short private transfer to the peer and embarking. As soon as all guests are on board and are holding their welcome drink the Mantamae is ready to leave the harbour. You will be introduced to the crew members and you will be shown around in order to start feeling at home on the Mantamae.
Dinner will be served about 06.00 pm, so you may gather together with our other guests and enjoy the dinner as you know the distance between Sorong and Misool is around 110 nautical miles so after dinner the captain and his crew will be very happy to set sail to your dream destination for about eight to nine hours while you enjoy your first night sleep on board mantamae

Day 2
Misool, after our little breakfast we shall have the first at about 08.00 am. The spot we choose is a calm and relaxing place, and gives you the opportunity to get used to the region. After this first check-dive you have the second part of your nourishing breakfast. At 11.00 am we head of the dive spot called “Blue Hole“, which has become legendary on the Mantamae. Over hangs, huge grottoes and dive troughs, drop offs and all covered in fantastic corals is what makes this place so great. Lunch is served at 12.30 pm and you’ll have time to relax until 3.00 pm to get back to “Blue Holes“. Since this spot is so huge and offers so much diversity, we can easily offer several dives here. After this dive there is enough time to go on a trip on our zodiacs in order to admire the wonderful landscape that gives hand to what you have seen under water. Do you feel like giving a try on the wakeboard or on the water-skis, you are ever so welcome. At 6.30 pm start the night dive and dinner will be serve after the dive mantamae will stay on nice and calm anchorage for over night.

Day 3
The Mantamae will continue to cruise southwards to the group of isles called “Fabiajet“about two hours. Picturesque landscapes and wonderful reefs are waiting for you. The abundance of corals, different sponges and fish is nearly unbeatable. We allow ourselves to offer several dives at the same spots, since they have so much to offer. Theses masses of fish swimming around those wonderful coral gardens are an impressive view and will satisfy every diver’s wishes and dreams. Of course we will come across precious macro as well: nudibranches, sea horses, barramundi and lots more are on the program! For the night Mantamae will anchor in a very calm and shallow place with hardly any current, but loads of nudibranches, pipe fishes, cuttle dish, ghost pipefish! Want to take a picture? Go ahead; it´s all there for you!

Day 4
Today we shall go eastwards to „Wayil Batan“. for relaxing one and half hour to Little island with beautiful reefs full of life in a topographically interesting landscape are tempting. Great schools of fish as well as pygmi seahorses will be shown by our guides, unless your eyes are well trained and you´ll see it all by yourself. Barracudas, batfish and snappers are cruising in the open blue. With the powerful sunshine breaking through the water the rocks, covered in colourful corals are presenting a breathtaking sight. Our night dives will do at the same place as the dives during the day, so you can compare the different creatures!


Day 5
Overnight the Mantamae will reach the Misool. We offer an excursion with the zodiac that will last all day. Impressing tombstone of the natives will be on our schedule. This excursion will take us 20 km into the fantastic island labyrinth, where we drive through channels and valleys with our fast zodiacs. Walks to caves on the land, as well as a visit to a cave which we can only enter with the zodiac in order to see tiny bats, that hide from the daylight and sleep during the day. The last cave that we enter is a big as a cathedral and can only be entered by walking. Whoever believes that this program is too exhausting can of course stay on board and go for dives (we can offer this alternative since we have three big zodiacs on board). The dives will be done close to where the manta Mae is anchored. Sometimes the visibility is bad and there is a pretty strong current, but of course the underwater world is a temptation as all others in the region after the all day activities mantamae set sail for another adventure or heading for north of raja ampat for about 11 hour during the night and will arrive in the morning.

Day 6
In Waigeo, we have the chance to visit a pearl farm. Depending on where they stand with the pearl production we will be invited to have a closer look on how the pearls are being produced.
Of course we have been diving before and after this visit and the high light of these dives where the pygmi seahorses. Those cute little creatures are hidden in the gorgonias in all colours available: red, yellow and orange! The only creatures that are offering more colours of the rainbow are nudibranches and the pipe fish and the boat will steam to wayag during the night for five hours.

Day 7 & 8
Wayag is completely different to what you have seen so far. The stand alone rocks in the middle of the sea are always worth a picture or two. Splendid visibility, white beaches with black coral gardens, sweetlips, catfish and different kinds of rays are part of these dives. And since it is such a fantastic area above and under water we shall stay for the next day and steam to wofoh island for five hours in the night to get to the dietination.

Day 9
Wofoh island is perfect place for all kind of water sport and bbq lunch onthe beach you will have the opportunity to see the wobbegong and epaulet sharks, which are unique to this region. The reef, which seems as if it dressed up in RED is breathtaking scenery and will make all divers’ dreams come true mantamae will continue the journey to air borek island for 30 nautical miles after you finish with dinner.

Day 10
Dampier strait, the channel between Waigeo and Batanta Island gives the chance to see manta rays. Two dives will be done western of Mansuar Island where a “fish soup” and a fantastic reef are waiting. Our night dive will be south of Mansuar island and offer the variety and abundance of this precious diving region.

Day 11
Before heading back to Sorong we will dive at “Kri“ and „Sardinriff”. In Sorong we have a captain’s party on deck. Our crew will sing traditional songs with their traditional music instruments and you may have fun with the crew

Day 12
We organise the transfer back to the airport of Sorong and say goodbye to you!