Day 1 – Arrive at Sorong Airport* and set sail for Gam Island in the early afternoon. This six-hour cruise provides a relaxing afternoon spent watching islands pass by.

Day 2 – After breakfast, dive Mioskon Island – a beautiful sloping reef that is ideal for getting used to the water. Look under the coral heads for wobbegong sharks and sharpen your eyes by seeking out pygmy seahorses.

After lunch, explore Blue Magic, an underwater sea mound rising from the deep into 10 metres of water. Large schools of barracuda, trevallies and fusiliers can be seen in the eye of the current. Keep a look out for manta and eagle rays in the blue. A two-hour cruise ends at Yangello Island where Mantamae anchors for the night.

Day 3 – At sunrise, dive mayhem, an action-packed dive site with sharks, barracuda and napoleons all typically found in the eye of the current. The ascent offers a variety of soft corals and colourful anthias. After the dive, guests can kayak through the mangroves to one of the many unspoilt beaches.

The afternoon dive takes place at Citrus Ridge. This sloping reef offers a particularly colourful wall bedecked in orange and yellow soft corals. The reef is also home to schools of bumphead parrot fish. As the sun sets, Mantamae begins its overnight cruise
to Wayag for 7 hours night navigation.

Day 4 – Spend the day in Wayag’s beautiful bay. Guests can trek up Mount Pindito, enjoy a speedboat tour of the many rock islands, and enjoy diving at Ridge Rock. Around sunset, Mantamae heads south, back down to aljui bay for the pearl farm visit its good experiences for you to know how they seed the nucleus to the oysters. mantamae will move to Wofoh island for one and half hour for the other water sport activities and bbq lunch / dinner on the beach and after that mantamae will stay little bit at the same place to give you a relaxing time and will set sail to air borek island for 5 hours night navigations

Day 5 – After breakfast, dive at Airborek for a chance to spot manta rays. These graceful giants can grow up to six metres from wing tip to wing tip. after diving with the manta our boat will move to the village for visiting the village and dive the jetty of air borek village for one hour and move to Gam island for tree and half hour for save and calm anchorage and we will spend the rest of the night there


Day 6 – After breakfast, the dampier strait is very famous for their dive site so diving in SARDINE REEF AND CAPE KRI is highly recomended and mantamae will move to Kabui bay for an unforgetable kayak experience among the rocks island or river like Kabui strait renown as Dampier route, mantmae will stay there during the night and move to Besir village

Day 7 – An early morning trek starting at 5.30am provides an opportunity to spot birds of paradise. The uphill walk takes 30 minutes but the reward is panoramic views from the top of the island and other water sport activities. in the late afternoon mantamae will set sail to Sorong for 5 hours

Day 8 – After breakfast, guests depart for Sorong airport*.

Rates include:
– 3 dives per day;
– All meals and coffee, tea, water, fresh juices, soft drinks and beer.
– Sorong airport transfers;
– All trekking, beach excursions, kayaking

Rates do not include:
– Flights to/from Sorong;
– Alchoolic beverages;


Itineraries are subject to change depending on sea and weather conditions. As Mantamae is offered exclusively, preferred routes and dive sites can be discussed with the crew before departure.

This is a suggested itinerary only. It can be adapted to suit your own personal interests, preferences and dates. For more details ask to Mantamae team.