Launched in 2014, mantamae is a gorgeous Phinisi boat style. The Mantamae captures the spirit of Indonesia and offers a unique opportunity to experience her beauty.
The ancestors to the modern Phinisi are the vessels that transported spices from the islands know as the “East Indies”.
For centuries, native people have sailed from South Sulawesi across the shallow seas of the Indonesian Archipelago. The great age of sail, which ended in the West in the early twentieth century, never quite ended in Indonesia.

The Phinisi is a traditional two masted sailing ship, Indonesian wooden boat. Indonesian Phinisi schooners, that can be seen at full sail all around Indonesian seas for centuries, have been made of iron wood. Phinisi Shipbuilding in Bira-Sulawesi has a long tradition and has been handed down through generations. This fascinating shipbuilding culture is based on the myth of the creation of the first boat by their ancestors. Now the mystical beliefs of the ancient mythology are still strong in every process of making Phinisi boats, which always begins with a ritual. The modern wooden boat, Phinisi type has been derived from similar craft that have been in use around Indonesia for several centuries.

Sailing on Phinisi yacht charter is like a travel in time: a return to classical sailing, giving one a feeling of real adventure

Nowadays the Pinisi boats are an essence of ancient romantic traditions supplemented with modern design and technology. Phinisi boats are something more than just sailing objects. The Phinisi boats express the spirit of Indonesia and a continuity of maritime tradition in the world of modern yacht charters